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When looking to install new garage doors in New Zealand, we understand that it can be hard to know where to turn for the best solution. Your house deserves the very best, and that's exactly what we aim to provide.

We want you to make a decision that's best for you and your home. Garage doors aren't simply an aesthetic addition to your property; they're far more than that. They can provide security, save on heating costs, add value, and even increase the saleability of a house, so we've put together a list of things that you should look out for when deciding where to go for garage door replacement in New Zealand. 

If you need any more help or info, then just give us a call and we'll be happy to advise you in any way we can.

Reputation is everything

As a business, your reputation precedes you. Reviews on the internet, social media, and word of mouth are all around us, and it doesn't take long to get a good idea of just how reliable a company really is.

The most important thing is to do your homework. Don't just take the first opinion you find for granted; dig a little deeper and see what other people are saying. After spending some time researching a company, you'll get a good feel for what their genuine customers truly think of them. 

At Affordable Garage Doors, we've built up a fantastic reputation by delivering on our promises and exceeding the expectations of our clients. 


Get quotes and ask questions

Having done your research and decided which companies you would like to approach, it's time to see what they can offer you. Don't feel pressured by pushy salesmen; get them to give you an obligation-free quote and take a moment to decide what works best for you. Ask them about the products they use, the warranties they offer, what experience they have, and find out exactly what work is necessary in order to achieve the finish that you're after. 

We give all our customers a clear break-down of what's needed to complete a garage door installation that achieves the best results for you and your home.

Insurance and warranties

Welcome to Affordable Garage Doors, your trusted choice for top-quality garage door installations throughout New Zealand. Ensuring the safety of everyone on-site is our priority, which is why we maintain comprehensive public liability insurance coverage. You can rest assured that our commitment to health and safety is unwavering.

When selecting a garage door installer, it's crucial to inquire about the materials and products they utilize and the guarantees they offer for long-lasting performance. At Affordable Garage Doors, all our garage doors are proudly New Zealand-made to the highest specifications, backed by a manufacturer's robust 5-year warranty.

Discover more about our dedicated team of experts and how we can elevate your home or business with top-tier garage door installations across New Zealand. Contact us today to learn more. Your satisfaction and safety are our utmost concerns.

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