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Affordable Garage Doors


Affordable Garage
Doors in Auckland


Steel Roller

Made of several horizontal sections that roll up and down on the tracks and around itself

Flat Smooth

Steel Sectional

Made of several horizontal sections that move vertically on tracks with nylon rollers


Composite Door

Aluminium Composite Sectional Garage Doors with Negative Details

Affordable Garage Doors in Auckland

Overhead Tilting

Made of a single panel door that moves and lifts overhead to open.




Affordable Garage Doors is a trusted Garage Door Supplier offering a free site measure and quotation service. We deliver our Service, Premium Garage Door Products and Access Automation to you at an affordable price through passing on our cost savings. We supply customers, builders, renovators and DIY’ers access to high quality commercial and residential garage doors and garage door motor replacements.We have access to all major brands that are made right here in New Zealand

auckland sectional doors



Hinge Replacement

Hinges play a crucial role in the operation of garage doors. They connect the door panels to the frame and allow them to open and close smoothly.


Lubrication Of All Moving Parts

This involves applying a suitable lubricant to the springs, hinges, rollers, and tracks of the door to keep them functioning smoothly and reducing friction.

garage door servicing

Spring Tension Adjustment

Spring Tension Adjustment is a crucial aspect of garage door maintenance that helps to ensure the door opens and closes smoothly and safely.

Garage Door Motor Replacement

Automatic Safety Reverse Check

This feature helps to prevent accidents and ensure the safety of people and objects in the path of the door.

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garage door
remote controls

Affordable Garage Doors offer a wide range of replacement remote controls, with free installation NZ. Our competitive pricing and industry-best customer service ensure you’re looked after, every step of the way. 



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New Garage Doors installed after completion

  • Q. What are the various types of garage door designs?
    Answer: There are several garage door designs available in Auckland, each with unique features and mechanisms for opening and closing. These designs are chosen based on factors like available space and aesthetic preferences. Sectional: These doors slide upward into the ceiling space, with each section moving independently. This allows them to bend through the top of the garage opening and into the runners that guide them across the ceiling. In Auckland, we offer a wide range of sectional doors in various styles and materials to complement your house's overall look. Roller: Similar to sectional doors, roller doors move directly upward towards the ceiling. However, they roll around themselves at the top, resulting in smaller sections. If you're interested in roller doors in Auckland, get in touch with us to explore available options. Upswing or tilting: These one-piece doors move outwards from the bottom, swing up, and remain in one flat piece, resting horizontally across the ceiling.
  • Q. How can I determine the most suitable garage door for my needs?
    Answer: The choice of the right garage door depends on several factors. You need to consider the practicality of its operation, the space around your garage entrance, and how well it complements your home's appearance. Materials such as aluminium, Colorsteel, and cedar are available options, each with its own advantages.
  • Q. Is it better to opt for insulated or non-insulated garage doors?
    Answer: Opting for insulated garage doors in Auckland offers several advantages. Primarily, they help retain heat within your home, making them energy-efficient. Insulated doors can also add value to your house, as potential buyers are increasingly interested in the energy efficiency of homes. If your garage serves as a workspace, insulated garage doors help maintain a comfortable temperature.
  • Q. How should I clean my garage door properly?
    Answer: To clean your garage door without harming the surface, mix one part household soap or gentle detergent with five parts water. Use a soft, clean cloth to wipe down the surface. It's recommended to clean your garage door approximately every six months to keep it in good condition.
  • Q. What safety features should I look for in a garage door opener?
    Answer: The most essential safety features in a garage door opener include: Auto-reverse: This feature ensures that if the garage door encounters an obstruction while closing, such as a person or a car, it automatically reverses to prevent damage or injury. Manual control: This allows you to operate the door manually in case of a power outage or emergencies, ensuring a reliable exit from your garage. Safety lights: These lights are valuable for visibility during power cuts when manual operation may be required.
  • Q. When is the right time to replace my garage door?
    Answer: The lifespan of your garage door in Auckland depends on daily wear and tear. You should consider replacing your garage door if it's over 10 years old and no longer functions correctly. Signs that may indicate the need for replacement include slow or misaligned operation, visible dents, and broken springs and cables.
  • Q. Is it necessary to have windows at the top of my garage door?
    Answer: The inclusion of windows in your garage door is a matter of personal preference. Windows allow natural light to enter the room, but you should also consider that they may result in some heat loss through the glass panels. The feasibility of adding windows depends on the type of garage door you choose.
  • Q. What are the advantages of a steel door compared to a wooden garage door?
    Answer: Steel doors in Auckland are generally more cost-effective, easier to install, and require less maintenance compared to wooden doors. Wooden doors offer a beautiful finish and enhanced curb appeal but tend to be more expensive and may demand more upkeep. We install both steel and wooden garage doors in Auckland, depending on your preference.
  • Q. Can I paint my garage door once it's installed?
    Answer: Yes, it's possible to paint wood, aluminium, and Colorsteel garage doors to achieve the desired look for your house. If you choose a wood finish, you can use wood stain to give it a glossy appearance. Regardless of the material, always follow expert advice and use high-quality materials when painting your garage door.
  • Q. Can I replace just one section of my garage door?
    Answer: Yes, it's possible to replace one damaged section of your garage door in Auckland. However, keep in mind that replacing multiple panels may end up being more expensive than purchasing a new door. For garage door repair or replacement, give us a call.
  • Q. How long does it typically take to install a garage door and opener system?
    Answer: Professional installation of a garage door and opener system usually takes around 4–6 hours. If you're replacing a similar door, some parts of the installation may be quicker. However, in general, it's at least half a day's work for a professional installer in Auckland.
  • Q. What is the cost of repairing my garage door in Auckland?
    Answer: The cost of repairing a garage door depends on the extent of the damage and the parts that need replacement. Garage door spring replacement is a common issue. For a more accurate estimate, please contact us for professional assistance.
  • Q. What kind of maintenance is required for a roller door in Auckland?
    Answer: Roller doors in Auckland should be inspected annually, especially if they are in constant use. Maintenance tasks include resetting the motor, tightening all fixtures and fittings, and lubricating the moving parts.
  • Q. How can I eliminate the squeaking in my roller door?
    Answer: To address a squeaky roller door in Auckland, use the appropriate lubricant and apply it exclusively to the moving parts.
  • Q. What is the cost of a new roller door?
    Answer: A standard, single garage roller door typically ranges from $2000 to $3000 when installed with a motor in Auckland. For a double car garage door, the average cost is between $3000 and $3500 when installed.
  • Q. What is the typical cost of sectional garage doors in Auckland?
    Answer: A mid-range double-width sectional garage door in Auckland starts from $3000 plus GST. For a free measure and quote for garage doors in Auckland, please get in touch with us.


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Garage Door Repairs Auckland


One of the most common issues with garage doors is the broken springs.

It might be tempting to try this repair yourself; but it will be 110% safer if you leave it up to us. Garage Door Springs are under a lot of tension and can be dangerous if not handled correctly

Our garage door springs are made locally here in Auckland.


Why do garage door springs break you ask?

The answer is simple; wear and tear of domestic use springs should be rated for about 10,000 cycles, and when the spring reaches that point, it will often snap.


For double doors, springs come in pairs.

We recommend replacing both to avoid having us back to change the other one on a separate visit.

Image by Josh McCausland
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